15 Week Program Overview

Lifestyle Reboot is a 15-week, interactive, scientifically driven weight loss program designed for people who want to lose at least 50 pounds and is built around the three pillars of weight loss

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Mindset

Of these three pillars, diet is BY FAR the most important for weight loss; however, you will never lose weight AND keep it off without a solid exercise program and mindset training.  This is why working on all three pillars at one time is so important for you to succeed.

The Lifestyle Reboot class is conducted over Zoom (diet and mindset) and through the Trainerize app (exercise).  Although we are physically located in Denver, CO, you can sign up for our program anywhere.  During the 15-week class we meet weekly to discuss your diet and biweekly to discuss topics related to developing a strong mindset and exercise habits.  We will continue to help and support you in a less intensive manner for one year after our program ends.

For a list of the topics we will be covering and a description of each, you can visit our diet, exercise, and mindset topical pages.  It may also be helpful for you to visit our FAQs and Purchase pages to see our complete list of services.

We strongly value application over theory and will show you how to create your own daily and weekly actionable, pragmatic plans to achieve weight loss success.  Theory and the explanation behind what we’re doing is great but if you can’t put it into action, it doesn’t do you any good.  We want to help you come up with a great plan and relentlessly execute that plan.

We wanted to give you a feel for what our program is like without inundating you with excess information.  You can read more about our week-to-week program offerings here or give us a call or shoot us an email if that works better for you. We’d be more than happy to talk your ear off about what we think makes our program great and why we think you can be successful doing it.