Money Back Guarantee

Weight loss diets and programs promise amazing results.  But if you don’t lose weight, it’s implied that it’s your fault.  The diet worked for other people, why didn’t it work for you?  You must have done something wrong.  They take no responsibility for your failure.

We Want to Change That!

At Lifestyle Reboot (and/or The Science of Dieting), we’re willing to put some skin in the game.  As many lawyers are fond of saying, “We don’t get paid until you get paid”.  If you don’t lose at least 10% of your initial body weight after one year, we want to give you your money back (Table 1).  But to be able to offer a money back guarantee there’s a few things that we need from you

  1. Create a Meal Plan Each Week: each week we are going to ask you to create (with our help) a weekly meal plan that meets our dietary requirements (Phase I or Phase II) and your unique life and circumstances.
  1. Log Food Daily: use MyFitnessPal to (objectively) log the food you are eating. We need a record of what you are eating to help assess your results.  We need you to log your calorie intake as accurately as possible, for better or worse.
  1. Weekly Weigh In: weigh yourself at least once/week and upload your weight to a Google Doc Spreadsheet to track your progress.
  1. Complete 5 Weeks of Phase I Dieting: phase I dieting consists of eating 800 – 1200 calories of breakfast foods, meal replacements, meal kits, and tv dinners.  Phase I is challenging to adhere to but is where the majority of your weight will be lost.  It is very important to get this stage right.
  1. Eat Only Phase I Foods for 5 Weeks: there are no alcohol, low to moderate calorie snacks, indulgences or eating out allowed during Phase I without prior clearance.
  1. Attend Weekly Nutrition Meeting: we will have a standing weekly nutrition meeting to review the previous week and to plan for the following week. If you cannot attend, then we must reschedule.  It is very important we stay on track.
  1. Complete Weekly Nutrition Homework: each week there will be some outside homework designed to help you meal plan and build practical skills such as emergency meals, recipe modification, and situational preparedness.
  1. Exercise Daily: even if you do not have the time or the energy to complete a full workout, it is important that you at least do part of the workout to help build/solidify your routine.
  1. Biweekly Exercise/Mindset Meetings: every other week we will meet to work on building/refining your exercise routine and continue to build a strong, resilient, mindset.
  1. Weight Maintenance Check Ins: the week-to-week Lifestyle Reboot program is 15 weeks. Thereafter we will be following up with you via texts, emails, and phone calls.  We need you to respond to these from week 15 to week 52.
  1. Complete Transparency: we need complete transparency with what is going on in your life. Illness, marital problems, spousal support, kids, work.  You may think that some of these things are tangential to weight loss but more often than not weight loss is more about the social/emotional aspects of life than it is about the food.
  1. Be Assertive: we need to know what you’re struggling with, where you need help, and what we can do better. Don’t wait until it is too late to speak up.
  1. Ownership: you are the captain, and we are the helpers. Traditional weight loss programs are far too transactional and rely on the provider doing most of the work for you.  For weight loss to be successful you can’t just pay us, sit back, and relax.  You need to be the owner and the driver of change.

There is much more to weight loss success than these 13 factors, but we find these to be the most important.  And if this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is!  To lose weight we need to be focused, intense, and hands on.  A “light touch” or “small changes” will not work.

Now to the money back guarantee (Table 1).  If you get one week into Phase I and decide it is not right for you, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Table 1. Money Back Guarantee Timeline

If you opt out 2 – 5 weeks after your start, you will receive a 75% refund.  You will receive a 25% refund for opting out between weeks 5 and 15 weeks. 

If you do not lose more than 6% of your initial body weight by week 15, we will discontinue our partnership together.  If we can’t get you to lose 6% of your body weight by week 15, we will never make it to 10% by week 52.  If, however, you lose more than 6% of your body weight, we will continue our partnership.  At the end of 52 weeks, from your start date, we will have one last weigh in.  If you haven’t lost at least 10% of your body weight, you will get your money back.  If you did all that we asked and we still weren’t able to help you, we think you should get your money back.

Lifestyle Reboot is a partnership and a covenant that we don’t take lightly.  If you’re fed up with not being able to lose weight and keep it off, then give us a try.  We’ll guarantee you lose at least 10% of your body weight after one year or you get your money back.