Who Is Lifestyle Reboot For?

There are hundreds and probably even thousands of diets to choose from but they all fit into one of eight categories.  The following eight tables contain diets that have been scientifically studied for weight loss (there are many, many more that don’t have the scientific merit to be studied).

The scientific community has been studying the effects of different diet types on weight loss since at least the 1950s.  Scientists have studied every variation and combination possible, yet fad diet evangelists continue telling you that a “new” or “revolutionary” diet type has been “discovered” that will change your life, when in reality, any diet type you see now is simply some previously failed diet type that they have recycled, repurposed or rebranded.

If diets actually worked, we wouldn’t have had to create so many.  But most diets result in less than a 5% weight loss after one year.  Losing weight is really hard, keeping it off is even more difficult (although it can be done).

One of the reasons diets don’t work is there is too much focus on food and physiology and not enough focus on the unique circumstances of your life.  There is no magic combination of fat, carbohydrate or protein, meal timing, ways of dealing with hunger or food processing.

We need to stop looking for the perfect diet and make our own!

Diets are based on someone else’s idea of what a diet should look like, what it can or should be or what worked for them (their diet idealism).  You need to take the time to build your own (imperfect) diet that is sustainable over the long term and fits into your new lifestyle.

Lifestyle Reboot isn’t idealistic, it is pragmatic.  We’ve devoured and scoured the scientific literature looking for best practices.  We don’t care about fads, gimmicks, or trends.  We will do whatever it takes to help you lose weight and keep it off.  That’s what we care about, that’s what drives us.  We don’t care if it is pretty, we just want to get it done.

We’re looking for people who have more than 50 pounds to lose.  Why?  Because those individuals will have the greatest health improvement from weight loss.  Losing less than 30 pounds will likely improve your mental/emotional health but losing more than 50 pounds will greatly improve your physical health as well. 

So, if you have struggled with dieting before, have 50 – 100 pounds or more to lose, and are looking for a scientifically backed, yet pragmatic approach to lose weight and keep it off forever, then we want to talk to you!